Friday, August 13, 2010


When I was A child.

My imagination went wild.

When I lay in bed at night.

Visions of little people came into sight.

Could it have been my child's mind?

Playing tricks of some kind.

They were so real to me.

In my memories they will always be.

The fireplace had hot coals glowing.

Outside the cold wind would be blowing.

I could see them in the firelight.

They never seemed to give me fright.

They resembled little gnomes and elves.

They put on a show all by themselves.

Working and marching in place.

With happy smiles upon their face.

I would fall into a deep slumber.

About the unknown I will always wonder.

It was such a magical time.

As you can tell by this rhyme.

Sara Brannon copyright 2009